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New working solution for PBXes ==> VoXaLot !!!

As I only need one way call (provider ==> PBXes ==> VoXaLot) I've just tried a new solution and this one works fine!

In a nutshell the difference of it to my first one is that I do not have VoXaLot registered to a PBXes extension and the PBXes' VoXaLot extension is now directly pointing to my VoXaLot SIP/URI.

Detailed configuration:

In VoXaLot:
do nothing.

In PBXes:
Create a SIP extension. Say number 1000, name VoXaLot.
Click on it again (to edit the advanced options).
On dial put SIP/<your voxalot number>
Click on the red bar.

Now if some PBXes extension/trunk rings extension 1000 your VoXaLot will ring!

After having this working you can try to change the "audio bypass" option to "yes" in your VoXaLot extension, other extensions and trunks. If they continue to work fine it's better this way. For me it was not possible and so all are "no".

Now you, just like me, can have VoIP providers that VoXaLot can not register to, ringing VoXaLot! (Just register a PBXes trunk to the provider and redirect all inbound calls from this trunk to the VoXaLot extension.)

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