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Ronison, thanks for the post.

1. But when you put a call from PBXes to Voxalot how is the traffic for you? I mean:

A. you use PBXes trunk:
any PBXes extension ==> PBXes trunk linked to Voxalot ==> Voxalot

B. or you use PBXes extension:
any PBXes extension/trunk ==> PBXes extension linked to Voxalot ==> Voxalot

2. For this:
PBXes account settings at Voxalot Provider Setup:
Description: PBXes
Username: <login da extensão no PBXes>
Codecs: g729;ilbc;gsm;ulaw;alaw
SIP Proxy:
SIP Port: 5061
Active: Yes
SIP Register: Yes
What's the configuration on the PBXes side? I mean, how is this PBXes extension linked to Voxalot configured in PBXes?

3. How is set your "Enable symmetric NAT handling" in Voxalot?

Please check that an answer this 3 questions so that we can have your total configuration.

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