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ronison I'd thank you a lot if you post your configurations just like wycodreams asked. I've already tried it all ways and till now no sucess.

Tony thank you for your reply.
I know Voxalot "provide a 100% SIP compliant service", but the fact is that this Brazilian provider is also SIP and works 100% fine with Counterpath X-PRO, Counterpath eyeBeam, Grandstream HT-496 and PBXES but not with Voxalot. I myself tested with all of them.

So should we conclude that the provider, the X-PRO, the eyeBeam, the HT-496 and the PBXES are not 100% SIP compliant but they are somehow compliant among them? Is Voxalot the only "good guy"?

This suggests me that this "particular issue" maybe rising a broader problem.
Anyway, I really thank you for your effort to solve it till now.

Just like Martin I'm also waiting a reply for that post from the provider. Unfortunately only them and you can work on the problem. As I wrote in that topic I've asked for support to the Brazilian provider, but I got no reply from them to my 3 emails nor the topic (I sent its link to them). Seems they do not want to cooperate with us.

About Voxalot as an PBXES extension, let's wait ronison post his configuration that seems to work fine. I'm anxious for it. I really hope it is just a mistake of mine.
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