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Thanks ozimarco, it is basically what I have done before, but it still doesn't work, I only get a busy tone.

Your explanation was close to what I want to do, but not quite. Basically I have a provider (Localphone) with an associated DID (Localphone is SIP registered and should accept incoming calls). What I want is to call that DID which rings Localphone and the call to be redirected to a PSTN number (ex 123456789) by using a Betamax VSP. So if I dial DID > Localphone rings > redirect to 123456789 by using Betamax VSP. At the end, under SIP Accounts, under In Dial Plan I have selected the incoming dial plan. At the end all I get is a busy tone and if I check under CALLS tab, I can see the call reaching SipSorcery (IN), but there is nothing going OUT.

One more strange thing I noticed. I registered SipSorcery in X-Lite and I can make phone calls from X-Lite, all outgoing seems to be in order. But if I try to call SipSorcery via SIPBroker (I dial a local SipBroker PSTN number, then dial *9524USERNAME), it doesn't ring with X-Lite connected. Again, all I get is a busy tone. Maybe I have a problem somewhere and that's why my incoming calls don't work.

P.S. I posted here because I saw people were having problems with incoming calls, but I will start posting in SS forums.
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