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Originally Posted by Corbu' View Post
I have a similar situation as Juste, I tried to do as you said but it doesn't work.

This is what I am trying to do: I have a SIP provider registered (let's call it SIP 1) and I am trying to forward all incoming calls from SIP 1 to a PSTN phone number (let's call it PSTN 1) by using a VSP provider (let's call it VSP 1). It is basically a "clasic" Voxalot callforward rule.

What I have done:
1. SIP registered both SIP 1 and VSP 1
2. Incoming call rules
- Match Call To > TO Sip Provider > Select SIP 1 (from what I understand, if SIP 1 rings ....)
- Destination > PSTN 1 @ VSP 1 (dial PSTN 1 by using VSP 1)
3. Save and select it under Sip Accounts.
I think it would be better for future SIPSorcery queries to be posted in the SIPSorcery forum, where they can be seen by Aaron, the author of SS, and also other experienced SS users.

To answer your question, I will assume you have one SIPSorcery SIP account (SIP1) and two VSPs (VSP1, VSP2). You have already defined your outgoing dial plan and outgoing calls are working OK.

Now, for example, you want incoming calls to VSP1 to redirect to a PSTN number via VSP1, whereas you want incoming calls to VSP2 to go straight to your SIP1 account.

Go to Dial Plans, Add, choose Simple Wizard, give it a name (e.g. "SIP1 Incoming"), click on Incoming Call Rules.

Description: redirect to PSTN
Match calls to ToSIPProvider Please choose VSP1
Caller ID contains (leave blank)
For calls at Any time
Command Dial
Destination: enter PSTN number you want to redirect to... Please choose VSP1
Click Save. This adds the rule to the list of this dial plan.

I believe all other incoming calls will automatically go to your SIP1 account (or to all your SIP accounts if you have multiple accounts). If you have more than one SS SIP account and you want to direct other incoming calls to a particular SIP account, then you would need another rule to achieve that.

Now, the last important thing you need to do for this incoming dial plan to work is to go to SIP Providers, select SIP1, In Dial Plan and choose "SIP1 Incoming" (or whatever name you gave it) from the drop-down box and click Update.

Try it now! If you want to see how SS is processing your call, click on Console and click on Connect at the same time you press the Send button to make the call. Press Stop once the call connects. You will see a blow-by-blow description on how the connection of your call has progressed through SIPSorcery.

Good luck!
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