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Default Outgoing Calls via Betamax (SMSListo) failing

Hi Everyone

I am having a strange problem with my Mom's Voxalot Account when making outbound calls via Betamax's SMSListo service. She is using an SPA-1001.

Starting on June 27th, all her outbound Betamax calls are getting the message "We are sorry the number you are trying to call cannot be connected. Please try again..." (I think this is either a Voxalot or a Sipura Message)

I have made absolutely NO CHANGES to her ATA's configuration. Her IP address changes automatically from time to time. (every few weeks I think)

She is able to make Voxalot to Voxalot Calls and calls to *500, but calls routed through BetaMax does not work.

The strange thing is that when I configure my SPA3000 with her Voxalot Account, ALL CALLS through her BetaMax calls are completed without any problems.

Has anyhow else encountered this type of problem? Other than the model of the Sipura ATA, the primarily difference with our settings (my Mom's and my ATA) is that I have a different IP address. Does anyone know if BetaMax maybe doing (for some unknown reason) IP Address blocking? If this is the case, in a few weeks when her IP address changes, maybe it will start working again.

Any help or advice in troubleshooting this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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