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Default Default Voxalot Dial Plan

I have been experimenting with Voxalot dial plans. After making some mistakes I tried to see what Voxalot did on its own ie. what is the Default Voxalot Dial Plan.

After de-activated all my dial plan entries, and according to the 'Number to Test' on the Dial Plan page, entering:

- 500 goes to (even though I think I am on ditto for 600
- any six-digit number gets forwarded to eg. 123456 --> (That is, 6 digit numbers are assumed to be numbers.)
- any number starting with * gets forwarded to sipbroker eg. *123456789 --> sip:*

They appear to be invoked before you get to the User Dial Plan.

So the issue of Users not being able to use as a Provider appears to be a non-issue.

BUT the issue of none of these being forwarded to - even though you are on - remains.

Is not being able to send any digits to a problem in practice?

I think that using 600 to test access to might be useful.
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