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Martin - you pointed out that the inbound is coming from which has no (Voxalot) dial plan.

This would mean the call gets authenticated to the redirectee (123000), not the redirector (123456). So I copied my VSP plan onto 123000 and it works when I IP Dial the SPA942 phone from [3102]Line1. But not when I IP dial from [3102]PSTN Line. Maybe we can fix that anon.

First, a thought experiment... what if the caller is another Vox user. If a SPA942 (or any similarly equipped IP phone) issues them a REDIR, does the caller place the call forward; and pay for it? Does the REDIR fall over if the caller hasn't got a compatible dialplan for my mobile number? Surely it's not meant to work that way.

I'm still stuck in the maze. Perhaps you can enlighten me as to the big picture. Am I barking up the wrong tree, do I need a PBX to anchor the incoming call before submitting it to my phone? Or is there some twist of SIP protocol in either Voxalot or Linksys which will make this call forward happen.

Please give me the view from the helicopter; or at least drop me a food parcel.
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