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Originally Posted by ildo
Thank´s a lot, but the problem is that even with the provider ( setup, i can not use the number "ildo" the web call back message "your number is invalid". So i´m with this problem to.
Thank´s for the excellent job
Oops! I'll pass that info along to the others, about the "number" check (the problem being that "ildo" not being numeric), preventing you from doing this at all. Sorry I don't have an ETA for a "fix" though.

Originally Posted by Mallycat
I agree with DracoFelis - create your self a SIP Broker Account using your address and then point an Alias Number to that address. I have documented this here
Actually, I didn't suggest that here (even though I have mentioned it in other threads).

Mallycat is correct, provided that address is you. i.e. if reaches YOUR VoIP adapter, than you can create a SIP Broker alias, and use that SIP Broker alias to reach yourself.

But if that is the case (i.e. IF that is YOUR account you are trying to reach via Web Call), you could just setup the "default" field to "" to "yes" (and set enable to "yes") on your VoXaLot "Call Forward" tab. Then any calls to your VoXaLot number would ring your phone. And, that should also work out well, as "Web Call" can easily ring a VoXaLot number.

However, those two approaches only work if "" is YOUR phone number. If that is the phone number of a friend, you would have to get them to do one of the above two approaches (i.e. setup a numeric SIP Broker alias for themselves, or set themselves up with a VoXaLot account, with "Call Forward" setup). Once that is done, you (or anyone else) could easily call them via "Web Call" (using their SIP Broker alias and/or their VoXaLot account, depending upon what number was asked for).

Sorry about the work arounds right now. We'll see what we can do about adding an enhancement to "Web Call" to allow direct SIP URI calling in the future.
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