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Question Not receiving calls for freedigits.

Hi ,
I have added two VSPs, gizmo Project and Freedigits to my voxalot
account. I plan to use Gizmo to make calls and use the freedigits number for
incoming calls. I am using X-lite softphone with voxalot and have
configued it as per the turorial.
My problem is that the X-lite softphone does not ring when I call the Free digits number.
If I setup X-lite with freedigits configuration directly then
things work just fine, but when I switch to using voxalot I do not receive any calls.

I am able to make calls via the gizmo account using voxalot without any
problem. My provider configuration for freedigits is as follows :

From User: My Freedigits phone number
From Domain :
Host :
Port : 5060
Active : Yes
SIP register : Yes

Status in Provider list for freedigits account is "-" . It was pending when I configured it.

Is anyone else facing the same problem ? If anybody is successfuly using
freedigits with voxalot to receive calls then can they please provide their
configuration details ?

Thanks In Advance,

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