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Originally Posted by toolio View Post
I have done a number of power resets, not only on the ATA but on routers, modems etc. Both accounts use the same servers and as far as I can see everything else is identical except the account numbers (and the providers associated with each acount).

After hours of investigation this afternoon I have concluded nothing is working with call forwarding except the ability to forward everything to voicemail or to forward any call from any provider (both started working after a power reset).

I cannot forward by an individual incoming provider, because Voxalot does not seem to be recognizing any of them. It treats all calls from all providers the same way and passes them through. I cannot forward by incoming number because voxalot does not recognize those either, even though they are showing up on the called phone's caller ID.

I want to either pick an incoming number or an incoming provider for forwarding to a particular number through a particular VOIP provider. I was able to do it yesterday, and for a week before that.

Today, it simply will not work. This is extremely irritating because a week ago I set up and successfully tested a number of forwarding rules on this account, which I have used since then. Until, as I said, today.
And this is just with this acct. but not the other one...?

Which provider(s) are you using to do the forwarding part ...(anything BetaMax related)?
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