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Originally Posted by gambrinus View Post
So problem solved?

Ummm... well its solved in that I have a way to send numbers to specific providers now....

The whole bigger picture of dial plans... is .... "less murky."

To be the most robust and simplelest I still need to figure out a way that if you use the SIPGate Assigned UK PTSN number v. the SIPGATE SIP ID number to send it to them. Attempting to dial a non SIPGATE VOIP number ie: a real UK PTSN number should fail as I don't pay for that option.

Originally Posted by gambrinus View Post
To test this just alter the dial plans. I.e. remove the "9" in the dial plan (don't forget to change ${EXTEN:4} to ${EXTEN:3}) and test again. If it works you can save one digit (the leading "9")...
Thats pretty much what I was going to try since that $EXTEN think makes some sense now.....

The so called "tutorial" I am afraid is not very tutorial, maybe if you've spent the last 20 years in a cave with SIP it makes sense.

A better tutorial on the whole dial plan thing would be great and then I could probably come up with some rules to sort out FWD #'s v. SIPGATE ones etc..

Originally Posted by gambrinus View Post

The ultimate solution would be to convince the users you are calling to register their PSTN numbers with an ENUM service (like You then could dial their regular phone numbers and Voxalot would resolve them to the respective SIP URI...
My ultimate plan for VOIP is to have a virtual PBX that ties alot of things together and maybe even my own */Trixbox server in place of an online or in addition to an online virtual PBX.

The problem with ENUM is giving out phone numbers to a database that could potentially be misused. I don't give out my private numbers to 99% of the world so having it in some database its not going to fly. Most of the people I deal with are the same way. My privacy is very critical to me. The potential to misuse ENUM to find unlisted numbers is just not acceptable to most of my user base.

Thanks for the de-murking of some of the dial plan stuff.
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