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Originally Posted by rec9140 View Post
I've setup 9*01 to FWD, 9*02 to Sipgate, etc... They seem to be working well.. I get the VM for SipGate on 50000, and the echo test on 713 for FWD...
So problem solved?

Originally Posted by rec9140 View Post
I have no idea. Right now I dial 500 to get to VXL VM versus the *500 being posted.

I have no way to know unless theres a test.
To test this just alter the dial plans. I.e. remove the "9" in the dial plan (don't forget to change ${EXTEN:4} to ${EXTEN:3}) and test again. If it works you can save one digit (the leading "9")...

If you have less then 10 providers you even can leave the "0" out (9*01) so you end up in a two digit prefix and again save another digit to dial...
Of course again don't forget to change the Replacement to ${EXTEN:2}

The ultimate solution would be to convince the users you are calling to register their PSTN numbers with an ENUM service (like You then could dial their regular phone numbers and Voxalot would resolve them to the respective SIP URI...
Use the ENUM Replacement field in the dial plan to perform the lookup. E164 number format is CCAAANNNNN (CC=country code, AAA= area prefix, NNNNN= phone number).


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