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Originally Posted by pranzo View Post
Provider registration will not be available for free users?
I currently need provider registrations, and I think that also other users do.
So, I believe that all the users will have two alternatives: to become premium members or to leave VoXaLot.

Provider registrations are generally only required for inbound calling and not for outbound calling. Also Provider registrations take up significant resources on the the VoXaLot servers, which cost us money. While we are trying to continue to offer as much functionality as possible for free, we have to charge for some services so that we can cover our costs as well as be able to afford to pay ourselves so that we can continue to improve the service and continue to develop new features and functions. That being said we are conscious of the fact that our community uses VoXaLot to save money, consequently we are not planning on charging exorbitant fees for VoXPremium, but rather a nominal annual fee, which should be far outweighed by the value you get from the service.

Originally Posted by Cris77 View Post
I am with Pranzo. It's a bit disappointing.

However... it's your business, I cannot really say a lot about it.
I guess it's time to resume the asterisk server I installed a year ago on my Linksys.

Thanks anyway for the free service you have provided till now.


Cris - There will be a cost for you to run your asterisk server obviously. I am guessing our annual fee should be less that what it would cost you to run an asterisk server, not to mention the time and effort required to develop the functionality we have added to VoXaLot and will continue to add in the future.


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