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Actually, Webacall won't allow placing your own Caller ID and no information is available on their web site regarding this matter. Any attempt to modify the caller ID on their server results in failed call.

I was however talking about Gizmo/Sipphone. For atleast two days I was able to place both my 1747-Gizmo5 number as well as my 206-IPKall number and they both worked as outbound caller IDs, now when call is initiated and numeric caller ID is placed, fast busy tone is returned. I suppose using IPKall number as ID might be a problem for Sipphone, but they won't even allow me to have my own number which is linked to the username, that is to say even 1747.... isn't allowed and calls fail.

I wonder what is source of the issue and how come it worked for a few days prior?

After adding the "+" sign in front of 1-206-xxx-xxxx Gizmo5 now shows the CID as the IPKall number. I wonder how long will that last?

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