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Default delay in dialing out!

I've searched, but didn't find anything!

My Vox has 4 registered providers (Acanac, Voicenetwork, Eutelia and Pennytel). I use Acanac for most of my inbound needs, and only use Acanac for my outbound needs.

My issues that started in the last few days or so are:

1. There is a significant delay after I dial the number before it rings. I mean, if I finish dialing 4169671111, there is about 15 seconds of "dead air" before it rings the far end. Why?

My dial plan with Vox is the following:
Priority = 10 (nothing else smaller is active)
If number equals = nxxnxxxxxx
Then route to = Acanac

My dial plan in my PAP2-NA is the following:
(*[56]00S0 |911S0|*xxx[x*]. |x |*xx |1[89]76x.! |1[79]00x.! |1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |#x1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |011xx. |411S0 |<416:1416>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |#x<416:1416>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |<647:1647>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |#x<647:1647>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |<905:1905>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |#x<905:1905>[2-9]xxxxxxS0|P5 <:??????????> )

The ?'s at the end is for my "hot ring" settings if nothing is dialed for 5 seconds. I'm sure I can tweak this more, but it's taken right from the Tutorial found here

2. Randomly, audio disappears either at the beginning of the call, or at various lengths in the call. This issue has plauged me for both inbound and outbound calls (inbound tested through Acanac and Voicenetwork, and outbound only tested through Acanac).

Again, settings were followed from the PAP tutorial link provided above.

All test calls to *500 and *600 are always fine! Is there any other way I can duplicate the errors? BTW, I've got port forwarding setup in my router (running DD-WRT). The ports forwarded were the standard (16384-16428 I think...). I saw these numbers on one of the posts here!

I'm beginning to question my payment to Vox. Ever since I've got VoIP working through here, I've had more issues than smooth sailing. Before Vox, my ATA was the only piece of hardware, and no such issues came through there!

Any knowledgeable souls care to take a shot at either, or both?


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