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Originally Posted by emoci View Post
There's only 3 reasons for this not to work

1. If you have any other CFwd rules in VoXalot, especially an ANY rule that has higher priority, you simply need to move this rule to the top by changing the priority assigment. (ANY rule should be assigned a larger priority number that'll cause it to move to the bottom)

2. You are not matching the correct CID...

I realize your handset shows 20947878 but what does VoXalot receive...
To figure this out, either let them end up in VoiceMail which case you'll get the exact CID as VoXalot sees it...

Or if this happened recently and you haven't received any calls since, your ATA should've saved a Last Caller Number

3. There is also a chance that they are not sending a number in Caller ID, and the 20947878 you see is actually what they have set up in the name field of their Device (if that is the case you simply need to use the 'has no digits' option)...

But to comfirm the above you still need to receive their CID preferrably on VoXalot's VM, since it'll tell you what it is seeing as the number and as the name
Thanks emoci! I'll wait for the next call to let it go to voicemail with voxalot and pick the proper CLID. The ID I mentioned above is from my VSP that is getting the call.

The forwarding rule listed is the only one that I have...and it is priority 1, and active. I'll wait for the actual CLID that Voxalot picks up before tweaking it anyway. Will post results later!
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