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Originally Posted by emoci View Post
First things first, is that working fine (is that call ending up in VM)?
Nope...the call is still terminating on my voxalot line (actually, terminating on a VSP that is SIP registered on Vox, and Vox is registered on my ATA).

Originally Posted by emoci View Post
Once you confirm that the rule is working for you, I would try this to give him a busy tone, choose to forward to SIP URI, enter a non-existant SIP URI, like
I would LOVE to give him a busy tone! Sending the calls to other PSTN numbers, or non-existent SIP URI's is also desireable
Originally Posted by emoci View Post

Curious, where is this call from (what country/region) for it to send a 8 digit CID (depending on where the number is based, it may be possible to spoof the CID so you can test how the rule is behaving without having to wait for these guys to call again)
The CLID shows up as 20947878. It's been different folks on the far end, and they've said their location as being in India and New York (so far). They've tried selling me everything from land scapping services to newspapers to LD (who needs LD with VoIP).

If they really are in India, they must be Asterisk based, and not touching the Indian telecom network (from what I hear, India doesn't allow full VoIP yet).
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