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SipBroker usually looks for *SipCode-Number pattern, and sends the call to Number@SipCodeAssociatedServer.

However if you dial a regular number in the format CountryCode-Number (or *013-CountryCode-Number, *013 is the default SIP Code, so if no SIPCode dialed this one is applied by default) it will perform an automatic enum lookup for you.

These are the servers that are looked up:

So if in one of those servers there is a record that links a regular Number to a SIP URI it'll route the call to a SIP URI.

Most of those services are hard to get access to, unless you are a company or government, so is the only one where you can get a listing as an individual.

Get in touch directly with support at to add a range of numbers, assuming you own all those numbers though....

So in summary, even though you can receive SIP Calls, to allow people from outside to call you in *xxxx-ExtensionNumber format from SipBroker you need to add your asterisk server at SipBroker.

To link actual numbers to a specific SIP URI you need, however this will only work if the caller is performing an ENum lookup (most providers out there do not do this automatically) or they call you by first calling SipBroker then entering your number in full CountryCode-Number format.

Originally Posted by adrianmarsh View Post

Thanks for the replies.. I understand the whole *xxx system of dialling a number and can see how sipbroker can just pass that onto an A*k server, and we're already registered for that. My A*k server can accept incoming SIP and IAX calls, but at the moment the dialplan won't cope with inbound full CLIs (our PSTN provider takes care of that regex change). I think I need to allow for that.

What I'm interested in, is how, for example, when Asterisk makes this call outbound:

-- Executing Dial("SIP/249-b78198f8", "SIP/+448001234567@sipbroker-out||W") in new stack
-- Called +448001234567@sipbroker-out

Most of the time I get a 300 returned, so sipbroker doesn't know this URI, but on occasion we do get a hit and the call gets routed through to XYZs PBX (I believe VIA sipbroker (?). Obviously, we're not dialling *1234 first or anything. Maybe this is where the ENUM comes into play?

I took a look at the site, and I can see that we can setup a single number (I guess intended to be per user). But how do I setup a range?

eg, if my numbers were +442071812300 through to +442071812399 and I want them routed through to, is that sipbroker, or ? Or just a DNS update for ENUM? (Does sipbroker do ENUM lookups for URIs it doesn't have in its own list) ?

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