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We only noticed it a several weeks before hand. We experienced the problems and switched everyone over to our backup VSP's, and forwarding our main numbers. I occasionally checked and continued our "battle" for Pennytel support to "grasp" the concept of the problem!

As it continued, we became more and more frustrated!

After two weeks of phone calls and emails, we finally found the root of the problem! A new promotion!

Is there any way we can change the details sent to Pennytel upon registration? I.e. changing it to 'Linksys' instead of 'Voxalot' and the user ID to '6112345678' instead of '123456' (Voxalot ID)? Voxalot? Help!

"Apparently" it is because of the free minutes promotion Pennytel is offering. "Apparently" the promotion can be taken advantage of, by a user calling from a REGISTERED Voxalot account with a REGISTERED Pennytel VoIP account? I'm not sure how on earth you can "SCAM" the free minutes, as if they can identify and track users connected to their service - and VOXALOT users identified by their VOXALOT User ID!

For Example: If your User ID is 123456, then under the PennyTel Facilities web page, you can click on support, and see your devices' connection - with the device name + details. However, if Voxalot is connected, it lists Voxalot as the hardware, and the Voxalot account number (123456).

So, how on earth can you scam free minutes??? When staff can simply check if more than one/two accounts are using the same Voxalot ID? Rather than blocking ALL customers (clearly the easiest way), would it not be more profitable for them to upgrade their system, so that an account cannot be occupied by more than 2 users?

The solution? Use MyNetFone or any other 9c/10c provider!

It is unfortunate, however Pennytel seems to be run by fewer 'dip-sticks' these days, but they still struggle to understand or respond to any email enquiry consisting of more than ONE QUESTION! How could they possibly deal with such a simple issue like this, and deplorably block ALL Voxalot users?!? Why isn't Voxalot doing something about this?

Something somoene emailed me some time ago I should share... LOL

P E N N Y T E L .... Pathetic Etiquette from Nutty Neanderthals Yawning Tediously while Electrified by Lunatic Customers!

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