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Default Outgoing call keeps ringing after disconnect


I've got a strange issue over here: I've successfully configured a Voxalot account using two SIP providers and some dialing rules. (I'm planning to use a Voxalot paid account for incoming calls when the service proves to be reliable).

I'm using a Linksys/Cisco PAP2T ATA where the Voxalot account has been configured. I can make outgoing calls without any problems, actually it works great with the dialing rules! :-)

The issue goes as follows: when I make an outgoing call, the called telephone starts ringing (so far so good)? But when I put the phone (that's making the call) back on the hook (disconnect), the called phone keeps ringing (the outgoing call doesn't get disconnected).

I tried a softphone (Nimbuzz) with the same Voxalot account where everything works fine (the outgoing call get's disconnected when I put the calling phone on the hook). So my guess is that it must be a config setting in the PAP2T.

Thanks for your time!
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