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Originally Posted by 130166 View Post
I have in pbxes incoming trunk(Polish number for my Polish roommate).
In Voxalot callforward to office phone(vsp=voipcheap) during worktime.
If I call the Polish number, the call forward(using voipcheap) does not work!
If I use an other vsp het works ok. If I call my dutch number(registered in Voxalot) call forward(using voipcheap) ok too. If I disable call forward every call go to voicemail, so ok too.

So only pbxes > voxalot > officephone (using Betamax) does not work!

Something changed in PBXes, Voxalot or Betamax?
There is a number of issues that could come into play here....

To summarize, what doesn't work is:

Polish #>>PBXes>>VoXalot>>VoipCheap>>Office Number

however this works, correct?....

Polish #>>PBXes>>VoXalot>>Other Non-Betamax>>Office Number

I think that it may have less to do with PBXes and more to do with the polish number, in this case VoXalot will pass on to Betamax the IP from PBXes, and PBXes is likely to pass on the IP form the polish number...hence the Polsih IP is likely being sent to Betamax....

The only way to test of course would be to register another number in PBXes and have it follow the same forwarding and see if the issue re-occurrs...

There has been no major changes in VoXalot lately, and PBXes despite some Plan changes, has also remained pretty stable....

As usual, it is likely BetaMax and the way they are enforcing/blacklisting IPs is the unpredictable part...
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