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As far as I can tell you, I'm not having such registration problems with Vono. If different from what you are using, you can try something like this (this is my configuration settings):

1. Voxalot Server: EU (the other week there was a general fault with US servers: all VSPs lost their registration);
2. ATA with DNS SRV active;
3. Vono Configuration: (not the standard 5060 IP port);
4. Sym NAT: YES;
5. Optimize Audio Path: NO (choosing 'yes' with 'Sym NAT' to 'no' will make you loose audio after some time; at least I had that issue when I tested it).

Vono has been working good for me, despite some registration issues at the past. However, from some time until now I've not reported any such problems. And the above configuration is for me the one that works best. I don't think that matters, but I've also said in one of my contacts with Vono's SAC (0800 6008666) that I was using Vono through ATA and not with the softphone.

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