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Are you misinterpreting the meaning of strict and loose in this context. A proxy will add a Record-Route into a message if it wants to remain in the path for any subsequent requests within the dialogue. Whether or not the proxy declares itself to be a loose router should not affect this path.

In the trace you provided, one of the proxies that inserted a RR into the INVITE was not visited when the ACK was sent. The preceding proxy misrouted it. If it had been visited it would have removed itself from the route set but it was still there when the message arrived at your firewall.

Edit: The offending proxy was not in the RR list so why did the ACK traverse it. Perhaps the far end UA was configured to use it as its outgoing proxy. Anyway it screwed up.

Strict or loose routing all about how a proxy interprets the route set and the request URI but the end result should be the same.

See RFC 3261 Traversing a Strict-Routing Proxy

This forum software does not seem to let me reproduce it here. It says I have too many images????

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