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Unhappy VoXaLot.. Going .. Going.. GOne. :(

Originally Posted by emoci View Post
Also, the other thing to keep in mind is that it seems VoXalot is going premium, so the forwarding service the Workaround is using will not be free after July 16
Yes this is a problem for me also.

I use 4 VoXaLot accounts.

One for each of my ATA ports. One permidently forwarded to my externally hosted conference line, and one for a WiFi/SIP enabled mobile that I plan to get.

There is no way I can justify US$100 a year to have VoXpremium for all 4 accounts.

So now I am looking for alternatives.

- I need to be able to forward for free externally one sipbroker prefixed number to my conference line.
- register with my VSP for incomming's from my DID.
- Support SipBroker codes locally here when dialing.
- Enum support.

Looks like I will have to start from scratch again with my local VoIP setup.

It's a shame I only just got it all exactly how I wanted too.

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