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Question Call Connection problems


I have registered several providers with Voxalot in order to be able to receive calls from all of them through my Voxalot account. The main motivation is that Voxalot allows me to do SIP registrations with TCP, which is much better for my iPhone battery than UDP. So I was hoping to use Voxalot as a kind of proxy for all those UDP-only providers while being able to register with TCP.

I have registered the following accounts:
US: BroadVoice
US: Callcentric
BR: Azzu
BR: Vono
but none of them directs incoming calls to my phone. In fact, BroadVoice, Azzu and Vono direct me to their voice mail services, as if no user agent were registered. Voxalot status for them is "Failed" for BroadVoice (but it took almost 24 hours to change from "Request sent" to "Failed") and "Registered" for Azzu and Vono.
Callcentric is quite different. It displays "Pending" status for some time, then reverts back to "-".
If I use BroadVoice DNS SRV records ( as recommended by them the status is "Bad host". If I use it ends up failing.
I have no way to tell whether BroadVoice or Azzu are registered, but Vono shows "The ATA device is registered." status in my Vono web account. Even so, it looks like the calls are directed to the voicemail. I don't understand.

First question is, where is the problem and how can I find out? Is there any detailed log information from Voxalot? Is there a way to contact Voxalot support directly?

Thanks for any help.

-- Douglas
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