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Originally Posted by medic1978 View Post
I tried changing the setting you sugested above, however it says that the Registration Head start must be 5s or more LESS than register expire time.
Hi Medic,
Yes this is a bit of a confusing option. I have since changed it to 30sec. My registration time is still 3600

Originally Posted by medic1978 View Post
Can i ask what your netgear is attached to? which router/modem? and which version of the firmware are you using
My firmware version (displayed at the bottom of the Voip Setup screen) is ta612v_1244.bin. It is attached to a Draytek 2910V Router/ATA which is attached to a speedstream 4200 in Bridge mode. I have opened a range of ports to the TA612V etc. I have other ATA's attached to the same router.

Originally Posted by medic1978 View Post
Also do you have the DNS SRV option checked at the bottom of the configuration page? which DNS SRV you using?
Is this at the bottom of the VoIP Page? It says DNS Servers? (no mention of DNS SRV specificially) This is set to the Router as the connection is set to DHCP with Fixed IP's assigned by the DHCP server on the Router. I know there are some issues with routers that don't work well with Sip clusters if they don't support the DNS SRV record. (I'm using so this may not be an issue [yet??])

In the mode I am running it, I can get it to work in 2 ways. Because it is behind a router, the Sip messages will generally contain the local IP address. This works ok as long as you use the outbound proxy option. (the phone won't ring, or drops out etc if I don't use an outbound proxy even though it registers ok)

The problem with the outbound proxy is that it also appears to act as an RTP proxy as well. This means that the voice traffic goes via Voxalot.

For me the best option is to use the Stun Server option. (I use the IP of While it does create more traffic, it means the ATA uses the External IP instead of local IP. RTP Traffic is now more enclined to go direct between the two parties.

All in all the VoIP quality on these netgears (ta612v, dg834gv) is actually pretty good. The issue I have with the ta612v is that it is not compatible with a Telstra T200 phone. Not sure why...
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