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Originally Posted by MarkLL View Post
Hi medic1978,

I have the Netgear TA612V working with voxalot( fine.

For the following I have...
Register Expire: 3600
Registration Head start: 3640
Anonymous Incomming Call: Allow

Is it connected to a Router or Modem? Make sure the cable is attached to the Internet port and not the Ethernet port.
Hi Mark
Thanks for replying.
The netgear is connected to a belkin wireless adsl router/modem. The cables are correctly attached as i have no problem with

I tried changing the setting you sugested above, however it says that the Registration Head start must be 5s or more LESS than register expire time.

Registration still fails for some reason?!
Can i ask what your netgear is attached to? which router/modem? and which version of the firmware are you using
Also do you have the DNS SRV option checked at the bottom of the configuration page? which DNS SRV you using?

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