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Originally Posted by g00fy View Post
All this was about to call home when I am abroad. As my home phonenumber is forwarded to my Voxalot number by, this seems not to work as expected, because that means I am calling my own number.

Now I was thinking about another possibility. In my Dial Plan I setup an entry with priority 1 with my home phonenumber as the pattern and forward it explicit to that number via for instance Voipcheap.
So, if my home phonenumber is 00 31 33 12345 I configure a pattern as _.12345 and the replacement is 00313312345. Off course I won't do a enum-lookup.
Unfortunately this is not working. Whe I call 12345 the test says the number will still be forwarded to my Voxalot number.

Can the wildcard only be at the end of the pattern or is there another possibility?
Set pattern as: _12345.
Replacement: 00313312345
Provider: VoipCheap
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