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See the problem is this... under normal conditions VoXalot acct. 123456 should not be able to use itself in order to call itself (you see my point). At least the service was not set up that way....

You're gonna say: "But it works with the other devices"

Here's what I suspect:
-Each device refreshes its registration with the server at different times. The latest device to refresh becomes the primary device.
-It seems like your Desktop has the lowest refresh rate

So I suspect your devices line up as follows in terms of refresh rates:

-So what's happening is:

Computer calls>>Ring Primary Device(Desktop)>> (Trigger ringing to other devices)

PDA Calls>> Ring Primary device (Desktop)>>Trigger ringing to second device(PDA): Error Cannot call self, therefore does not attempt third device

When Desktop not available:
PDA Calls>> Ring Primary device (PDA): Error- Cannot call myself

This is my interpretation from my understanding on how VoXalot works ... (although under that thinking your desktop should show problems too... )

All in all though, VoXalot was not meant to call one acct. using that same acct.

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