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Originally Posted by g00fy View Post
I have this odd situation:

I have X-lite on my PDA and on my desktop PC. Also I connect with Voxalot via a Zyxel 2602 modem.

When I make a call to my own Voxalot number from my Desktop the PDA and phone connected to the Zyxel are ringing. When I call from the phone both softphones are ringing also. But when I call from the PDA softphone, only the Desktop softphone is ringing. When I close the Desktop softphone, I get a 408 error on the PDA.

I tried everything, but not succeeded to initiate a call from the PDA to the Phone. So, I am wondering what can be wrong and also am very confused that the PDA softphone can call the Desktop, but not the Zyxel.

BTW. Calls to other numbers (for instance *600) will get connected to the phone, it seems only impossible to call myself.
Is the account setup in the PDA doing the calling, the same as the account set up on the computer receiving the calls?

There has been some issues reported with multiple registrations behind the same NAT acting out.

What I'd test first:
Grab a phone outside of this loop, call a SipBroker access number and dial *010123456 (replace 123456 with your VoXalot number). Do all three destinations ring?
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