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Originally Posted by FarisNT View Post
I select Syria, but the list is empty ?
Which simply means that no providers local to Syria have been reviewed. However, it's the nature of the internet and VoIP that where things are started (i.e. your end of things) often doesn't matter that much. So if you have broadband internet, and Syria allows you to use VoIP (a few countries make VoIP illegal) any "international" provider (i.e. any provider from any country) that will service you (i.e. is willing to sign you up as a customer even though you live in a different country, and not block your internet IP) will do.

Again, you might not understand what VoXaLot is. VoXaLot is a service that handles free VoIP to VoIP (both sides on VoIP) calls for you, and gives you flexible tools to integrate with OTHER (separately purchased from other countries) VoIP services (allowing you to roll your own customized service from the best other services have to offer). And in the case of calling normal phone numbers (such as you seem to want to do), you will need to sign up with some other company (and pay their rates), as VoXaLot doesn't handle that directly (but will usually allow you to integrate other services that do sell such service).

That's why VoXaLot doesn't have such rates published, because VoXaLot doesn't directly provide that service (it just might make it easier for you to configure those other services, or combine multiple other services for your use).

Since you are apparently just starting out, you might want to start with the VoXaLot FAQ, as it might answer some of your more basic questions:
Main Page - Voxalot FAQ
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