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Ive just browse to the FWD forum and found out that some folks also are having trouble with devise registration ...FWD have initiated security settings to the site and are requiring authenthication setting which the BVA 8051 have not ...thats why some devise can register and others cannot ...will wait for some of the guys at FWD to resolve the issue in the meantime will have to retire the unit to the closet ....or maybe set it with a voxalot or sipphone account and send it to the Mrs. back home so we will have a back up ATA just in case FWD system goes haywire

another note:

I have not been able to use sipbroker PSTN number in Australia for about 2 weeks time ....any word on this guys

called the OLD SIPBROKER PSTN access (still working ) but I dont know how to use it ( im refering to 1st access number donated by voxbone with the canberra number) anyone here knows how to use it and can this be use for accessing peer calling to another sip gateway
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