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Default Sipbroker Pstn To Fwd Not Working

for 2 day now I cant connect to my wife FWD number via sipbroker pstn number in sydney ... also my leadtek ATA via optus Australia cannot register to my FWD account the same time with the sipbroker pstn to FWD.... I tried using another ATA (my older spa 2000) It CAN CONNECT to FWD via optus Australia.... Im wondering what could be wrong ??? my wife even called the sipbroker PSTN from abroad from a mobile, she can connect to sipbroker voice prompt but call can not connect to FWD
I replace account on leadtek ATA with that of voxalot ...unit is working fine and I can call but when I put my FWD account back again ..."DEAD" no connection Ive been using this(leadtek BVA 8051) for 5 years now and have not experience any problem with it until now....Where could the fault be ???? The only thing I could think of is (could optus block access to FWD ip address)or a Combination of blocking my leadtek ATA mac id from connecting to FWD address???? or is this a temporary occurence and everything might go back to normal same with my difficulty connecting to FWD via sipbroker PSTN number
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