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Default setting registration expiration time


I'm having a problem with registration of my voice service provider recently. I don't know what or where something got changed but when I call DID of this registered provider I'm getting short busy or a message saying that this number got disconnected. Everything worked fine few months ago.

Voxalot shows status as registered.

I suspect that registration expiration time should be changed to 10 min for this provider.

So, the question is: How can I set registration expiration time?

I guess this is necessary for having my provider work with Voxalot.

Thanks in advance.

Ps. Here is info from this provider (Zingo Telecom):

Connecting to Zingo Telecom with Asterisk
Zingo Telecom is fully compatible with Asterisk in SIP mode. Below are sample configuration settings for use with asterisk.
The only required setting is:
;Set registration expiration time to 10 minutes for zingotel: defaultexpirey=600
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