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Default Provider Registration Issues - Always says "Request Sent"

Hi all,

I am a regular user of Voxalot and thanks for such a great service. But all of sudden I am getting all kinds of troubles. I have around four providers registered with mu Voxalot account and all shows the status as "Request Sent". I saw this behaviour from around 1.30 PM CST and it still exists while I am writing this post. I also called my friend who also have an account with voxalot and he is also having same issues. Is this outage due to some maintenance work or is something happened all of a sudden? I am kind of bad feeling that, if the outages like this happen quite often, then my whole VoIP system will go in to a fix and then I need to think of a better situation. At this point in time I dont know which end is having the problems, but I suspect voxalot servers because I dont expect all my 4 providers to go down at the same time.

Another interesting fact I have noticed is, I cant register Voxee account as a provider. It always shows as "Request Sent". Any one else face similar issue? I have also send a note to Voxee support to see whether the issue is at their side or at voxalot side.

Anyway, I am not sure what is happening with the provider registrations. I am wondering whether other users are also experiencing the similar issues or just for some handful of users. Any help to get this up and running is highly appreciated.

Shibu Raj
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