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Originally Posted by 505117 View Post
I have a problem with provider registation. The registration status is "Registered" at "Voice Service Provider List" but this is not the actual situation. I called the customer assistance of my VSP and they said me my account was not registered that moment. So, for Voxalot it was registered when in fact it was not. I tried to reset the registration changing the option "SIP Register" to "No", but the system continued to show the wrong status "Registered". Finally, I bypassed Voxalot reconfiguring my ATA to register directly with the provider and the registration worked without problems.

Please check! Incoming calls from provider are not working!

BTW, I would like to suggest the implementation of a way to reset the registration, something like a button to "unregister" and then "re-register" with the provider.

Another suggetion is to give more information about registration process, like how much time ago was the last registration attempt, when is the next registration attempt, what was the response from the provider. These information could help troubleshooting registration problems.

Even though you turned off SIP Register...the status is not updated it could take a few minutes before the 'Registered' line disappears...( even though the provider was actually de-registered).

If you really want to force a registration off...simply set it up with the incorrect password...which will cause it to fail and clear the registration immediately...

Now as for incoming calls not working when you're registered I'm concerned that this may be the case:

Vono may not be correctly accepting the register information (eg. )
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