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Yes. I read too much into it. Given the recent date on the news release I thought they were announcing new and enhanced features. Not what has been working since the summer. I do have my wish list, but it is nothing new that has not been discussed on the forum. Here is my humble wish list:

1- Full blown call handling so that I can build a custom hunts
2- Able to login to my Voxalot with a phone call and transfer a call using my dial plan.
3- Fix the DTMF issue. I have another post related to this.
4- Support for IAX trunking. This way if items 1 and 2 are not viable, I can implement them with Asterisk. SIP trunking currently work, but is shaky behind NAT. IAX would be better.

There is a lot of things that I like about Voxalot and satisfied with the service. But these features would make me happier.
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