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Originally Posted by jrvela View Post
It sounded like Voxalot was going to offer DID and the Call Connections rules would be more powerful to build hunts. Maybe I was too optimistic.

- Access to DID (Direct Inward Dial) PSTN phone numbers: Members can assign one or more of these to their Internet telephone numbers, enabling them to receive incoming calls from any PSTN phone as well as VoIP phones.

You can currently assign DID numbers from multiple different providers, to ring VoXalot by either pointing the DID to VoXalot or registering it within VoXalot

- Voxalot Call Connection Rules: subscriber can create Call Connection Rules to route incoming calls to any PSTN, mobile or VoIP number based on time of day and caller or based on provider where the call is coming in.

This is all possible right now, the only thing that's missing from the "full fledged call hunting" is setting a conditional rule of the sort "ring line 1 for 30 sec, then if no answer try line 2 etc."
You may have read a bit more into it, but what's described is already available, that Call Hunting feature is missing ....still.....for now

That said, if you have something in mind that you're trying to accomplish, feel free to post, someone may be able to make some useful suggestions and you may find that surprisingly it can be accomplished with VoXalot as it stands...

In any case, we all wish the VoXalot team would go a "Feature Spree:", but it takes time to put this things together, it seems.......

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