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Originally Posted by conaty View Post
I am a newbie and am setting up voxalot so that I can use my VSP at two locations. Right now I have 3 VSPs that I am evaluating. I got one (Viatalk) to register, but the other two fail when I try to register them (VoipYourLife, Axvoice). Are there VSP that just won't register? Are there preferred VSPs that can only be used with voxalot?
There are no preferred VSPs.

Make sure all your details (especially user, pass, host are set to the correct values).

Also, which account level did you buy (VoXLite at $15/year will only allow one registration, VoXPro at $25/year will allow 5 such registrations etc.)

You probably do not need to register most VSPs if you just want to use them to make calls, but not receive calls through them.
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