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Originally Posted by vikasintl View Post
you said I can receive the calls same way I did..but if I upgrade will I be able to make call through voxalot?
I am not sure how..because I use x-lite software ..not any device ?
Just for your knowledge also give free DID number which also works but not as good as talkdigits or free digits ..oh btw can you give me proxy server address for freedigits is it
You can receive calls as long as the provider does not need to be registered inside VoXalot...

You can make calls at any time either Via VoXalot (or provider in VoXalot set active to yes and Register to No)

In your situation, both are free, no changes.

Go to either, or and use the same login details as for talkdigits and you'll be able to login.

I have been using this:
SIP Proxy:
Out Bound Proxy:, also seem to work.

Remember FreeDigits/TalkDigits/SipNumber/ClickDigits/CallDigits/OfficeDigits are all one and the same...Oddly enough though new accounts on SipNumber activate, but don't work, TalkDigits seems to be the only one handing out new working acocunts (Anyways, this isn't of much relevance, and they all give numbers in the same area code anyways)

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