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Originally Posted by martin
5 - Check 1800 number problem in Oz
6 - Check CID problem for some registered providers
me again, i was just wondering, do you think that issue 6 could be directly related with issue 5? what i mean is that if you do not have CID activated, some numbers are inaccessable. for example, when i had my CID hidden, i could not dial 131166 (and many other 13 and 1300 numbers), however, now that i do have it showing, i am able to call all 13 and 1300 numbers using my VSP.

oh and i have an extra suggestion, as per my comments above, some numbers are inaccessable unless you have CID, this is extremely annoying for people who do not have DIDs, so what would be excellent is if some how voxalot is able to attach a CID to phone calls depending on where the person is calling from. for example, if i call 131166 without CID showing, it would be great if voxalot added a generic Melbourne CID to my call, therefore i can get through to them even though i have CID blocked. then for people in CID, voxalot would give them a generic Syd CID (and so on). i am not sure if this is possible, but i can tell you that i would help a lot of people out there who use VoIP without a DID (or if they do have a DID but are using a seperate provider for certain calls, e.g provider 1 with a DID is used to call local calls, but provider 2 could be used for 13 and 1300 numbers, however, you dont have a DID with them so you would be unable to use it).

let me know what you think
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