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Hi Andrew,

Thanks again for your post.

Originally Posted by affinity View Post

The number of "SIP Registered" VSPs is what determines the VoxPremium level, not the number of ATA's / Soft phones / IP phones, etc that are logged into the Voxalot account.
So I had it completely around the wrong way :-(


On the other hand, if a VSP can forward calls to you "SIP URI" of Voxalot without needing to be "SIP Registered", then that is almost like a 'free' "SIP Registration" -- ie, not really needing to be "SIP Registered", but still able to receive calls.


However, most providers will allow you to make an "Authenticated Call" without needing their account to be "SIP Registered"
I wonder if Voxalot could indicate whether the VSP provide these two features on their Global Provider Index? Of course, that may not be so good for their business ;-)

Thanks again.

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