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Hi Ashley,

You can have as many devices logged in to Voxalot for use, I know of no limit or cost consideration here.

The cost consideration comes from Voxalot needing to keep in constant contact with an external service provider -- that is, keeping the account "SIP Registered". For as many VSPs that you require this, then it uses resources provided by Voxalot in order to maintain the "SIP registered Status" of the particular VSP account.

On the other hand, if a VSP can forward calls to you "SIP URI" of Voxalot without needing to be "SIP Registered", then that is almost like a 'free' "SIP Registration" -- ie, not really needing to be "SIP Registered", but still able to receive calls.

The more providers that need the overhead of "SIP Registration", the more it costs Voxalot, hence the need to upgrade to a suitable VoxPremium level to support your required SIP registrations.

Some providers will not let make an "Authenticated Call" at the time of the call.... they need you to be constantly registered in order to be able to make calls. These will count as a "SIP Register" VSP for which membership 'costs' are a consideration. However, most providers will allow you to make an "Authenticated Call" without needing their account to be "SIP Registered" -- using these providers stop the "SIP Registration Count" being an issue.

VoxBasic doesn't allow any "SIP Register" accounts at all, but if your VSP can forward all calls to your Voxalot "SIP URI" and you can make "Authenticated Calls" using that provider without being required to have it "SIP Registered", then that is fine. Of course there are other features such as "Call Connection (Call Forwarding)" by Voxalot and "Web Call Back" which are not available with VoxBasic.

For many people a VoxLite account will be more than sufficient; it will allow one VSP to be continously "SIP Registered" and will also allow access to VoxPremium features. Those requiring more VSPs to be "SIP Registered" will have to upgrade their VoxPremium product accordingly.

Just to re-iterate. The number of "SIP Registered" VSPs is what determines the VoxPremium level, not the number of ATA's / Soft phones / IP phones, etc that are logged into the Voxalot account.

In fact you can have multiple devices logged into Voxalot with any account type and have all phones ring until one is answered or the call goes to voicemail. Obviously if the Voxalot account is just a VoxBasic, then the only calls you can receive are those that can be routed to your Voxalot account via a "SIP URI" mapping and the premium features of Voxalot will not be available.

Kind Regards
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