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Default Only Into Voxalot Registrations are counted?

Howdy All,

I thought I had it worked out but now I am not so sure.

It is correct that we only have to pay for "Into Voxalot" registrations not "Registrations via Voxalot with other VSPs"?

So it is the number of VoIP devices (ATAs, IP Phones, SoftPhones) that we want to register with Voxalot that determines the Voxalot plan / cost.

I understand that most (if not all) VSPs allow us to make calls via Voxalot without registering (Voxalot with those VSPs).

However, if we want to receive calls that are made to us via those VSPs we would need to register Voxalot with those VSPs.

I assume these registrations are not included in the determination of the Voxalot plan / cost we need.

Thanks in advance for confirming or correcting my understanding.

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