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Ok, so I may have had a bit of time on my hands, but there have been a few questions lately about what is an is not included, plus I sort of wanted to make a list for myself...Hope it helps, admin(s) make corrections where/if neccessary:

A summary of VoXalot Services:

Receiving Calls:

Receive Calls from other VoXalot Users
(Plans: All)

Receive Calls from Other VoIP Users (via SipBroker): *010-VoXID
(Plans: All)

Receive Calls from other VoIP Users (via SipURI): VoXID@VoXalot-Proxy
(Plans: All)

Receive Calls from PSTN (regular phones): SipBroker Access Number + *010-VoXID
(Plans: All)

Making Calls

Calling Other VoXalot Users
(Plans: All)

SIP Code Dialing/Calling other VoIP Users (via SipBroker): *SipCode + VoIP Provider Internal ID/Username
(Plans: All)

Calling other VoIP Users (via Sip URI):
(Plans: All)

Calling Via other VoIP providers (as long as no registration required)
(Plans: All)

Calling North American Toll Free Numbers
(Plans: All)

Central for Multiple Service Providers

Add Unlimited Voip Service Providers (Outgoing Calls Only)
Active: Yes, Register: No
Will work with most providers (as long as no Sip Registration is required to place calls)
(Plans: All)

Register Multiple Voip Service Providers (Incoming Calls via that Specific Provider)
(VoX Basic: 0, VoXLite:1, VoxPro:5, VoxExtreme:10)


Set VoiceMail to answer calls after predefined time.
Check from your VoIP Line or PSTN
(Plans: All)

Smart Call/Dial Plan
Create your own dialing plans to route calls via the lowest-cost provider
(Plans: All)

Call Connection/Call Forward
Route Incoming Calls based on incoming CID or Provider to PSTN/VoIP/Voicemail using SipBroker, your own provider, or Sip Uri address. Set time period during which these forwarding rules apply.
(Plans: Only Premium Plans)

Web CallBack
Choose your number, the number you want to call and the providers you want to use to call each of the numbers. VoXalot places the calls via those providers and connects the two of you. (Charges vary on the providers you choose, VoXalot charges nothing)
(Plans: Only Premium Plans)

Mobile Web CallBack (
Same Features as Web CallBack, but from your mobile. You need to have already created PhoneBook entries.
(Plans: Only Premium Plans)

Virtual Toll Free Button
Add a button to your website/blog. Whoever wants to get in touch with you enters their number or Sip Uri. VoXalot uses your dialing plans to place the call to their number, then calls you on your VoXalot line, and connects the two of you. Now clients can call you from your website at no cost to them. (Charges to place call will vary depending on the provider you choose, VoXalot charges nothing)
(Plans: All)

Speed Dial
Create your speed dial list with both Numbers and SIP URI and reach them by simply dialing **SpeedDial from your VoXalot line.
(Plans: All)

ENum Lookup
Looks Up if number you are calling has a SIP URI associated with it in the etc. database. Calling a SIP URI is always free.
(Plans: All)

Non-Geo Lookup
Specific to UK(0870, 0845) and Australia (13) non-geographic numbers that are charged at higher rates, Inspects database to find closest geographic number.
(Plans: All)

How to use VoXalot:

VoIP Adapter
Multiple VoIP adapters can be registered with the same VoXalot account, with the first to pick up taking the call
(Plans: All)

Regular PSTN Line
Use WebCallBack to make calls, and a Voip Provider of your choice to forward calls to your PSTN line. (Charges for forwarding to Cell/Landline vary on the provider you choose, VoXalot charges nothing)
(Plans: Only Premium Plans)

Applicable only to mobiles with the ability to register onto a VoIP network.
(Plans: All)

VoXalot Plans:

VoXBasic: $0
VoXLite: $15/year
VoXPro: $25/year
VoXExtreme: $40/year

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