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I've got my N900 today and set it up. The SIP client registered immediatly and ould make and recieve calls behind a home router without any adjustments to that.
Note, the following days will show if adjustments are needed, f.i. using public internet.
This might give you a good start:

Username: <Voxalot account> (Proxy: eu, us or au)
Password: <Your account pw>


Use for phonenumbers: Yes
Username: <Your voxalot account>
Transport: UDP
Outbound proxy: (Proxy: eu, us or au
Port: 5060
Discover public IP: No
Loose routing: Yes
Keep alive mechanism: REGISTER
Keep Alive Period: 15 min (900sec)
Auto detect STUN: No
STUN server:
Port: 3478

Let me know if it works for you too.

Regards, Léon
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