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1. First, I suggest dumming down your Dial Plan to this (it should continue to do everything your current one does):


2. A few highlights that may help with incoming calls

-Preferably make sure you have STUN set up in your ATA ( has been working for me)

-If you are behind a router that has UPnP, make sure it's active

-This is optional, but it may help to open these port ranges and forward them to your ATA's IP:

16384-16482 (This is a bit hardware/software specific, but it is the correct range for the PAP2)

-Take a look at this if it helps: Setting up Linksys PAP2 - Voxalot FAQ

-I'd suggest this codec string in your Provider setup in VoXalot: ulaw;alaw;g726;g729;ilbc;gsm

-You may also want to consider Audio Optimization: HowTo: 6 Steps To Optimize Your Audio - Voxalot FAQ

Confirming things are working:

Outgoing Calls : Can you reach *600 (Echo Test)
Incoming Calls: Can you reach the ATA via SIPBroker or the EziDial

If you enter your VoXalot URI here (like SIPBroker - EziDial and press dial, does your phone ring and do you hear the ECHO test message?
3. About speeding up dialing
You can speed up dialing delays by entering # after you have dialed the number you wish to call

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