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Default jingle/gtalk


I'm playing around with all kind of different voip-technology, and one of them is XMPP/jingle.
This is a peer-to-peer technology, based on XMPP (the open protocol behind the jabber IM infrastructure) with some added wizardry to do NAT-traversal.
The best know network using this jingle is gtalk (google talk).

As jingle now seams to be part of asterisk 1.4, are there any plans to include this into voxalot. It would be neat to be a nice feature to have; to be able to do both "open" technology of VOIP (SIP and jingle) from a single phone.

There is a company which does sip to jingle (called but their service is "at this time" free.

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.
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