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Default telco BLOCK SIP Broker pstn number in some countries

Using Sip broker PSTN number for almost 2 years now using FWD peer code and lately voxalot...and Ive noted some problem (not with sipbroker pstn number) but with specific countries PSTN access number...

pstn number for example in Australia...I live in the asian region and although I can dial the australian sipbroker pstn number from any phone in my country and connect through the sipbroker number to call my FWD *393xxxxxx or my *010xxxxxx number, relative in the Australia can not do the same ....the only reliable way is by using the 1300558592 and most of the time voice quality from this access number are not ideal to connect call via FWD or voxalot in asian region (also noted ..connecting to fwd or voxalot in the americas region is clear and fine) might have to do with regional internet connection ?? for the quality but the main culprit why relative cannot connect with sipbroker provided pstn number is that telco from this specific countries block thier subscribers from accessing sip brokers pstn number even if this are locally provided telephone number from a "legit??" telephone or voip provider?? in that country

Why dont we have a reporting of sipbroker pstn number that are being block by local telco provider in that specific countries? and address this to the parties that donate this PSTN access number to sipbroker.....

other block country specific sipbroker pstn number are those in Canada reported by relatives, and sometimes messagenet provided pstn numbers in Italy, my aunt in rome using her landline phone or her mobile phone cannot call sipbroker pstn number or my own local DID number but other relative can connect from thier different telco provided phones....

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